About Me

Chris Dorn is a professional drum instructor located in the Dutchess County area. He has been playing drum set and percussion for 27 years, and has taught in the Dutchess County area for 12 years. In 2007 he was the drum tech for Jessica Simpson setting up drums, percussion and recording gear all across the US. In 2008 Chris founded and built Ghostgate Studios, a lesson and recording studio in Poughkeepsie designed specifically for drummers. Along with giving drum lessons he also gives instruction of recording methods, software and hardware used. As well as teaching private lessons he also does recordings for drum set and percussion in his studio.

I teach many styles of playing such as Rock, Metal, Jazz, Latin, and Funk. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced drummer, I have much valuable knowledge to share. Many of my students concentrate on School Band/NYSSMA, while others are solely interested in playing the drum set and forming a band. I also have students that concentrate on live performances including, Orchestra and Solo Projects as well as High School/College Solo Pieces. I teach vital exercises, rudiments and coordination to build technique, whether it's on a marching snare or on the drum set. I also utilize many of the top instructional books - so get ready to improve your sight reading!

I teach all ages and skill levels, from drumpad to drumset. No matter how young the student is, learning how to play an instrument and read music is invaluable. I help my younger students prepare for middle school and high school level orchestra, and my older students for college music auditions and solo pieces. With my adult students I help them schedule music in their busy lives. There is no reason to put off playing an instrument if it's something you always wanted to do. A lot of my adult students commute to NYC and work long hours. So whether you work full-time, have a busy college schedule or commute to work, I'll help you build a practice schedule around your busy life.

There is so much more to taking a drum lesson than just learning how to play a beat in a song. I will instruct and guide you weekly to help you build a solid foundation. Some of my top students have taken
lessons with me for close to 8 years now and they are able to play music they never imagined possible.
If you're ready to put in the time and study, I will teach you the information and techniques to become your best.